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Our proud legacy that brought us to where we are today.


More than 50 years ago, our family embarked on a remarkable business venture. In 1972, Xavier D'Souza, fondly known as Zapata, laid the foundation for Tanzanite Wildlife Tours, which has since transformed into Savannah Tours.

Guided by Zapata's expertise, a new generation, represented by Cliff, Jordan and Jacinto D'Souza, eagerly embraced the passion for safaris. Their dedication and commitment led to global recognition, attracting renowned figures such as ex-President Jimmy Carter.


In 1990, Jordan D'Souza started Tanzania Serengeti Adventure, ensuring that the family legacy continued as a leading safari tour operator. The company's outstanding service caught the attention of prestigious organizations like National Geographic, Harvard University, and Columbia University, among others.


In 2015, a new chapter unfolded as Jordan’s sons, Al and Os, assumed the helm of the business, orchestrating unforgettable tours on the ground. Their expertise even extended to trip planning for Gordon Ramsay's team, solidifying their reputation as meticulous professionals.

Os, having noticed significant flaws in the booking process for African safaris, recognized the potential challenges it posed for travellers looking to explore sub-Saharan Africa.

Meanwhile, at the University of Waterloo, Josh D'Souza, Markus Hamann, and Aidan Wood, all studying engineering, shared a common desire to utilize their skills to tackle real-world problems.


In 2022, Os, Josh, Markus, and Aidan came together and formed the CloudSafaris team. Their goal was to modernize the safari booking process.

After spending nearly six months on the ground in Tanzania, the team embarked on the task of creating a platform that would inspire a generation of travellers to explore sub-saharan Africa.

Meet our founding team members.

Josh D'Souza
Aidan Wood
Markus Hamann
Os D'Souza
On-Ground Consultant
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