Diani Ukunda Airstrip (UKA)

Gateway to the serene beaches of Diani, Kenya's coastal jewel.

Dry season
Best Time to Visit
13 m

About Diani Ukunda Airstrip (UKA)

Diani Ukunda Airstrip (UKA) is a crucial connector for tourists flocking to Kenya's picturesque Diani Beach, renowned for its powdery white sands, turquoise waters, and lush coastal vegetation. This airstrip allows for an intimate and expedited entry into the heart of Kenya’s coastal paradise, bypassing the hustle and bustle of larger airports. Ser...

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Safety & Vaccinations
Diani Beach and the surrounding areas are generally safe for tourists, with standard travel precautions recommended. For vaccinations, it's advised to be up to date with hepatitis A, typhoid, and yellow fever, in addition to taking malaria prophylaxis. Consulting with a healthcare provider before travelling is recommended for the most current healt...
For more information regarding vaccinations and health notices, view the CDC’s page :
CDC Travelers' Health
CDC Travel health notices and vaccination recommendations
Getting There
Diani Ukunda Airstrip is primarily accessed by air from Nairobi, with the journey showcasing Kenya's breathtaking landscapes. The airstrip's strategic location offers visitors immediate immersion into the coastal ambiance upon arrival.
Getting Around
Upon landing at UKA, a variety of local transportation options are available, including taxis, hotel shuttles, and car rentals, facilitating easy movement around Diani and the broader South Coast region.
Following Kenya's adoption of the Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) system from 1 January 2024, all foreign visitors must obtain an eTA prior to travel unless they are from eTA-exempt countries. The application process is streamlined, necessitating proof of accommodation and, for visitors from yellow fever endemic countries, a vaccination certi...
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