Great Barranco Wall

A thrilling climbing experience on Kilimanjaro's majestic route.

Best Time to Visit
3,900 m

About Great Barranco Wall

The Great Barranco Wall, often simply called the "Barranco Wall," is a towering feature on the southeastern side of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Standing approximately 257 meters (843 feet) high, this steep, imposing cliff face presents a challenging but exhilarating part of the climb for trekkers on the Machame, Lemosho, and Umbwe routes towards U...

What to know

Safety & Vaccinations
The Barranco Wall ascent is generally safe with experienced guides. Standard vaccinations for Tanzania, including Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid, are recommended, alongside altitude sickness prevention measures.
For more information regarding vaccinations and health notices, view the CDC’s page :
CDC Travelers' Health
CDC Travel health notices and vaccination recommendations
Getting There
The Barranco Wall is accessed as part of the Kilimanjaro climbing routes, typically after several days of trekking from the mountain's base.
Getting Around
Climbing the Barranco Wall involves hiking and light scrambling. Guides assist climbers in navigating the safest paths up the Wall.
Visitors to Tanzania, including those climbing Kilimanjaro, need a visa, obtainable on arrival or via the online eVisa system, ensuring straightforward access to the mountain and the Wall.
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