Machame Village

Machame Village

A serene gateway to Mount Kilimanjaro, rich in Chagga culture.

1,800 m

About Machame Village

Machame Village, nestled on the lush slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, serves as a cultural and historical hub for visitors embarking on the Machame Route to Africa's highest peak. This village is home to the Chagga people, one of the largest ethnic groups in Tanzania, known for their rich agricultural practices and deep-rooted traditions. M...

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Safety & Vaccinations
The area is generally safe for visitors, with precautions recommended for travel health. Vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and malaria prophylaxis are advised for travelers to Tanzania.
For more information regarding vaccinations and health notices, view the CDC’s page :
CDC Travelers' Health
CDC Travel health notices and vaccination recommendations
Getting There
Machame Village is easily reached by road from Moshi, with local buses and taxis available for transport. It serves as a scenic stop for those heading to the Machame Gate of Kilimanjaro National Park.
Getting Around
Exploring the village and its surroundings is best done on foot or by local transport, allowing visitors to fully engage with the community and landscape.
Visitors to Tanzania need a visa, which can be obtained on arrival or online through the eVisa system, facilitating access to cultural and natural attractions throughout the country.
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