Tarangire Kuro Treetops Lodge

Tarangire Kuro Treetops Lodge



Tented elevated above the ground for minimal wildlife interference
Memory foam beds
Located in the heart of Tarangire

About the Property

Indulge in lavish luxury at the Tarangire Kuro Treetops Lodge, which is nestled deep within the heart of the National Park. The Lodge is strategically located atop an elevated Kopje hill, overlooking the Tarangire River and the Silale valley leading to the Silale swamp in the west - which is famous for being visited by different wildlife throughout the year due to the availability of water.


Tent Radio CommunicationTent Radio Communication
Lounge & BarLounge & Bar
Solar Power ElectricitySolar Power Electricity
Tea & CoffeeTea & Coffee
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Food & Drink

Tarangire Kuro TreeTops Lodge provides exceptional dining experiences in its sophisticated dining tent, but you'll also savor bush dinners and open-air breakfasts overlooking Tarangire's sweeping landscapes. Additionally, you can enjoy refreshing sundowner cocktails at picturesque locations during late afternoon game drives.

Getting There



This uniquely designed lodge consists of 25 luxury tents elevated along the Baobab tree lines. Each tent includes a memory foam bedding for extra comfort. Each room has a 180 degree view while allowing guets to still be private.


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