Burunge Tented Lodge - Tarangire
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Burunge Tented Lodge - Tarangire



Located on the shores of Lake Burunge, the lodge offers stunning wildlife viewing
Situated between Manyara and Tarangire, it's perfectly positioned for Tarangire's migration spectacle
Comfortable tents with private terraces provide a stylish retreat amidst nature's beauty

About the Property

Lake Burunge Tented Lodge offers a truly privileged safari experience on the picturesque shores of Lake Burunge. From the lodge's elegant wooden central platform, which houses the restaurant, guests can witness the mesmerizing wildlife activity along the lakeshore as animals gather to quench their thirst. Situated strategically in the natural corridor between Manyara and Tarangire, this camp guarantees a front-row seat to the incredible spectacle of the annual migration. Located just 10 minutes from the Sangaiwe entrance to the park, convenience meets wilderness at this remarkable lodge. After exhilarating game drives in Tarangire, guests can unwind in style and comfort within their well-appointed tents, complete with private terraces offering breathtaking views of the African sunset. Lake Burunge Tented Lodge promises an unforgettable blend of luxury and natural wonder in the heart of Tanzania's wild beauty.


24-Hour Electricity 24-Hour Electricity
Swimming PoolSwimming Pool

Food & Drink

The culinary experience is as exceptional as the safari adventures it offers. The lodge's restaurant serves up a delightful array of dishes, blending local flavors with international cuisine to tantalize the taste buds of its guests. From traditional African dishes that showcase the region's rich culinary heritage to gourmet international fare, there's something to satisfy every palate. Dining is often a communal affair, allowing guests to share their safari stories and connect with fellow travelers. Moreover, the lodge's well-stocked bar offers a selection of beverages, including fine wines and refreshing cocktails, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration. The food and drink at Burunge Tented Lodge complement the overall safari experience, adding a delicious dimension to the adventure.

Getting There



Burunge Tented Lodge offers a range of thoughtfully designed and luxurious rooms that harmonize with the natural surroundings. Each tented accommodation provides an oasis of comfort and style amidst the wilderness. Spacious and elegantly furnished, the rooms offer modern amenities while maintaining a connection to the African wilderness. From private terraces, guests can savor the sights and sounds of the surrounding landscape, creating a truly immersive safari experience. The lodge's attention to detail ensures that guests can relax in plush beds, enjoy en-suite bathrooms with hot showers, and unwind in a serene and inviting atmosphere, making Burunge Tented Lodge a perfect retreat after a day of thrilling wildlife encounters.


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