Shu'mata Camp
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Shu'mata Camp



Offers an intimate and rustic wilderness retreat, providing an authentic safari experience in the heart of Amboseli National Park's stunning landscapes
Near Mount Kilimanjaro, the camp's Hemingway-style tents and luxury villas combine nostalgia with modern comfort, offering a unique blend of elegance and adventure
The ideal gateway to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of Maasailand and the search for long-standing tuskers (elephants) in the picturesque Amboseli National Park.

About the Property

Hatari Lodge, situated beneath the awe-inspiring Mount Kilimanjaro, is an enchanting retreat that encapsulates the spirit of adventure and the timeless magic of Africa. Comprising a small cluster of Hemingway-style tents in Maasai tribal lands bordering Amboseli National Park, this camp offers a breathtaking panorama of the savannah and Kilimanjaro. A heartfelt homage to the legendary 1920s safari era, it is a passionate endeavor celebrating the region's history and love for Africa, with each of the five self-contained tents exuding rustic elegance and a tribute to a bygone era's decor. The kitchen serves freshly prepared international cuisine, and Shu'mata, the camp's conservation ethos, promotes elephant and big cat protection through Maasai collaboration. Hatari Lodge provides fully customized, all-inclusive programs for an intimate and unforgettable escape in Tanzania's wild and beautiful landscape.


Lounge & BarLounge & Bar

Food & Drink

At Shu'mata, dining is a culinary journey that celebrates the vibrant flavors of the region. The kitchen serves freshly prepared international cuisine, and guests can enjoy their meals in elegant surroundings, including a terrace with panoramic views of Mount Kilimanjaro. The lodge offers a delightful and diverse culinary experience to complement your stay in this beautiful natural setting.

Getting There



Shu'mata offers an intimate and authentic stay in the heart of the wilderness. The lodge's accommodations consist of a small cluster of Hemingway-style tents, each thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and rustic elegance. There are five self-contained tents, and three luxury villas have been added for those seeking an even more spacious and exclusive experience. The decor pays tribute to the safari era, infusing chic and colorful elements, and the private verandas allow you to immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings. Each tent or villa is equipped with a full bath, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable retreat. It's a unique blend of nostalgia and modern comfort in the wild landscape of Tanzania, offering an unforgettable and inspiring escape.


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