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Ruaha River Lodge



Set along the Great Ruaha River, the lodge provides a front-row seat to the untouched wilderness of Ruaha National Park.
As the first camp in Ruaha, it holds a legacy of offering pristine safari experiences in a lesser-traveled region.
With solar water heaters and rustic accommodations, the lodge combines comfort with sustainability, allowing for a serene retreat amidst nature

About the Property

Immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness of Tanzania at Foxes Safari Camps Ruaha River Lodge, perched along the banks of the serene Great Ruaha River. As the pioneer camp in the heart of the seldom-visited Ruaha National Park, this lodge offers a pristine safari experience, blending comfort with nature's allure. With solar-powered water heaters ensuring a warm bath under the African sky and the rustic accommodations providing a cozy retreat, your adventure extends beyond the safari trails. Witness the wildlife drama unfold right from your doorstep and let the wild, unspoiled landscapes of Ruaha encapsulate your senses in a journey of a lifetime.


Lounge & BarLounge & Bar
Laundry ServiceLaundry Service

Food & Drink

Indulge in an exquisite dining journey at Foxes Safari Camps Ruaha River Lodge, where the essence of the wild meets culinary excellence. The dining experience here is more than just a meal; it's an adventure that complements the thrill of the safari. As you find yourself seated either indoors or under the vast African sky, each meal, meticulously prepared, unfolds as a celebration of Tanzania's rich culinary heritage. The blend of hearty meals amidst the untouched wilderness of Ruaha National Park adds a delightful flavor to your safari escapade. Whether you're starting your day with a wholesome breakfast before a game drive or unwinding in the evening with a sumptuous dinner, the dining experience at Ruaha River Lodge is crafted to satiate your palate while echoing the wild, serene ambiance of Ruaha.

Getting There



Experience a tranquil retreat in the heart of the wild at the Foxes Safari Camps Ruaha River Lodge. Each room is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, designed to provide a serene haven after a day of thrilling safari adventures. As the sun casts a gentle glow on the untouched landscapes of Ruaha, retreat to your cozy abode that comes equipped with solar water heaters ensuring a warm bath under the African sky. The spacious accommodations offer a vantage point to continue reveling in the wilderness, as the wildlife of Ruaha National Park meanders along the banks of the Great Ruaha River right at your doorstep. The rooms, a perfect blend of simplicity and comfort, echo the untouched beauty of Ruaha, making your stay an integral part of the safari adventure that awaits.


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