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Perched on the banks of the Great Rufiji River within the Selous Game Reserve, the camp offers breathtaking river views and spectacular sunsets accompanied by the natural chorus of hippos and birds​
Guests can embark on walking, boating, or vehicle safaris to explore the rich biodiversity of the Selous, offering intimate wildlife encounters
With a choice of classic tents or luxurious suites, the camp provides comfortable accommodation with eco-friendly features like solar water heaters and generator-operated electricity, all while maintaining a close connection to nature

About the Property

Nestled on the verdant banks of the majestic Rufiji River within the cherished bounds of Selous Game Reserve—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—awaits the enchanting Rufiji River Camp by Foxes Safari Camps. This haven, exuding rustic elegance, was thoughtfully redesigned in 2009 to harmonize with the splendors of its riverside perch. As the sun casts a golden glow, painting the skies with shades of amber, the symphony of hippos grunting and melodious bird songs add a touch of magic to the breathtaking sunsets you'd witness from the camp. Luxury meets wilderness in the camp's tented accommodation, offering a serene retreat with the gentle whispers of the Rufiji River lulling you to sleep. Your day might commence with a heart-throbbing walking safari in the Selous, a realm where every path leads to a realm of discoveries. And as the day unfolds, a boating safari awaits to escort you through the tranquil waters of Rufiji, unveiling the rich tapestry of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife thriving in harmony. The tales of adventure find a voice through the experiences of past guests, who fondly recollect the spacious tents adorned with thatched roofs, the culinary delights that awaited them each day, and the intimate encounters with the wild, from the gentle gazelles to the mighty lions that roam the Selous. The camp's close ties with local villages and community initiatives enrich your stay with a touch of cultural authenticity, allowing you a glimpse into the heart of Tanzania while reveling in the untamed beauty of the African wilderness. With every dusk that merges into the cool African night, the Rufiji River Camp promises more than just a safari; it offers a journey through the profound mysteries and awe-inspiring beauty of Tanzania.


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Food & Drink

Amidst the untouched wilderness of Selous Game Reserve, the dining experience at Rufiji River Camp is an affair to remember. With a keen emphasis on relishing the picturesque river views and the surrounding wildlife, the restaurant and bar are architecturally crafted to mirror this natural bounty. As evening descends, the camp invites you to a realm of alfresco dining under a canopy of twinkling stars, where each dish tells a tale of Tanzania's rich culinary heritage. For a more intimate experience, private dinners along the tranquil river bank set a serene backdrop for memorable conversations. And as the night ages, find your retreat in the upper level coffee lounge, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee blends with the cool river breeze, creating an ambience that's hard to leave. The spacious dining area under a high thatched roof not only promises scrumptious meals but a cool, relaxing spot to unwind as the day unfolds, with a bar ready to refresh your spirits and a small library to indulge the intellect amidst the wild tranquility. Each meal, a blend of comfort and exotic flavors, is a prelude to the adventures awaiting in the untamed landscapes that surround you.

Getting There



At the heart of the Rufiji River Camp, the accommodation beckons with a promise of comfort nestled amidst the wild allure of Tanzania's wilderness. The camp offers a variety of room options, each designed to provide a serene retreat after a day of adventure. The Classic Tents exemplify simplicity yet spaciousness, furnished with comfortable Zanzibari beds, wardrobes, writing desks, and enveloped with mosquito nets to ensure a peaceful slumber. The en-suite bathrooms add a touch of modern convenience within the wild setting. For those seeking a more luxurious stay, the camp's suites are a perfect choice. Each suite is connected by a shared walkway, and comes with a private plunge pool, offering a tranquil setting for families to unwind and relish the beauty of the surrounding nature. All rooms feature comfortable, large double beds and a spacious deck, providing a vantage point to relax and watch the wildlife drama unfold right before your eyes. The en-suite bathrooms with running water, along with a lockable safe for valuables, blend comfort with security. The rooms at Rufiji River Camp are more than just a place to rest; they are a vantage point from where you can continue your safari, observing the wildlife that freely roams around the camp. And, as the dusk descends into the African night, the rustic charm of the accommodation under the thatched roofs offers a quaint yet comfortable retreat to reminisce about the day's adventures. The solar water heaters ensure a supply of hot water, despite the remoteness of the location. The camp's eco-conscious approach extends to its power supply, utilizing generators to provide electricity while minimizing the impact on the pristine surroundings. The subtle blend of modern amenities, rustic charm, and a close connection to nature encapsulates the essence of a stay at Rufiji River Camp, making it an unforgettable part of your Tanzanian safari adventure.


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