Kisima Ngeda Camp
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Kisima Ngeda Camp



The camp overlooks seasonal Lake Eyasi
The cuisine is prepared from local organic ingredients
Explore Hadza country on a guided tour

About the Property

This camp is an enchanting oasis of natural beauty and cultural immersion in the heart of Tanzania. Located within a tranquil fever tree forest, it offers a unique and harmonious blend of comfort and authenticity. The property's eight palm-thatched tented chalets seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape, providing guests with a serene and comfortable retreat. With a pool hidden amidst the lush forest and expansive wooden decks, it's a place where families and travelers alike can unwind, escaping the heat while staying close to nature. The camp's main area, with its wooden floors and palm-thatched roofs, exudes a cozy ambiance, offering a delightful setting for guests to relax before savoring wholesome meals made from local organic ingredients. Beyond the scenic beauty, Kisima Ngeda Camp provides an enriching cultural experience, allowing guests to explore the ancestral lands of the Hazda and Datoga people and gain insights into their traditional ways of life. This extraordinary property beckons to those seeking a deeper connection with nature, indigenous cultures, and a tranquil retreat in one of Tanzania's most breathtaking settings.


Lounge & BarLounge & Bar
Swimming PoolSwimming Pool
Private Decked VerandasPrivate Decked Verandas
Laundry ServiceLaundry Service

Food & Drink

At Kisima Ngeda Camp, the culinary experience is a delightful journey of flavors, embracing the spirit of sustainability and locality. The camp's cuisine is a true celebration of the region, combining organic and seasonal produce sourced from local producers with only essential imports. The talented local chefs, hailing from the nearby community, craft each meal with care and precision, ensuring a fusion of traditional and contemporary tastes. From freshly baked bread to delectable ice creams, everything is prepared on-site. Guests can savor their meals in the inviting dining room, which offers panoramic views of the picturesque Lake Eyasi. Whether you're indulging in a hearty dinner or enjoying sundowners at the bar and lounge, every dining experience is a culinary adventure that reflects the rich flavors of the land, making for a truly unforgettable aspect of your stay at Kisima Ngeda Camp.

Getting There



The rooms at Kisima Ngeda Camp provide a perfect blend of comfort and immersion in the surrounding natural beauty. These eight palm-thatched tented chalets are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the forested landscape, each featuring a furnished veranda on wooden decks that seamlessly merge with the environment. Inside, guests are greeted with a king-sized bed and a cozy armchair, creating a cozy and restful retreat after a day of adventure. The en-suite bathrooms offer the convenience of walk-in showers, with water heated through a traditional Tanganyika boiler, adding a touch of local authenticity. The chalet decor pays homage to the indigenous people with brass coil lampshades and handcrafted metal-framed mirrors, immersing guests in the rich cultural tapestry of the region. These rooms offer a tranquil and comfortable haven that allows guests to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the natural wonders of Kisima Ngeda Camp.


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