Katambuga House
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Katambuga House



Located in expansive tropical gardens with Mount Meru in the background
An excellent starting point for a safari to the national parks of Tanzania
Only 10 minutes to Arusha’s domestic airport

About the Property

Katambuga House stands as a tranquil oasis nestled amidst the lush beauty of expansive tropical gardens, with the majestic Mount Meru providing a breathtaking backdrop. This lodge is not only a luxurious retreat but also serves as an ideal starting point for adventurers looking to explore Tanzania's national parks. With a capacity for up to 20 guests, the lodge offers a harmonious blend of comfort and natural splendor. The accommodation comprises eight well-appointed rooms, each thoughtfully designed to provide a high standard of service and comfort. The main house and family cottages feature covered verandas, allowing guests to relax while immersing themselves in the serene garden surroundings. The lodge's amenities, including a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi in the main house, add to the overall experience. With special interests spanning adventure, birding, relaxation, and more, Katambuga House is a haven for diverse travelers seeking both leisure and cultural exploration. Its proximity to Arusha's domestic airport and the myriad of activities in the surrounding area make it an excellent choice for those eager to embark on a memorable Tanzanian adventure.


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Food & Drink

Guests can typically expect to savor the tastes of Tanzanian cuisine, featuring dishes like grilled meats, fresh seafood, and flavorful stews, often accompanied by a variety of tropical fruits. Many lodges also provide international options to cater to diverse palates. Additionally, guests can often enjoy refreshing beverages, including tropical juices, cocktails, and a selection of fine wines to complement their dining experience. Dining at Katambuga House is likely to be a culinary journey that embraces the local culture and offers a delightful fusion of flavors to enhance the overall stay.

Getting There



Katambuga House offers a total of eight well-appointed rooms, each designed to provide a high standard of accommodation and service. These rooms are both airy and well-lit, creating a welcoming and comfortable ambiance. As guests step out onto the covered verandas, they are greeted with serene garden views and stunning vistas that extend into the distance, making it an ideal spot to unwind before or after embarking on a thrilling safari adventure. The rooms feature spacious en-suite bathrooms with complimentary toiletries, ensuring a relaxing and refreshing experience. Additionally, the rooms are equipped with modern amenities, including electric combination safes, hair dryers, ceiling fans, mosquito nets for a peaceful night's sleep, a convenient writing desk, and a cozy sitting corner. These thoughtfully designed rooms provide a tranquil haven for travelers seeking comfort and rejuvenation in the heart of Tanzania's natural beauty.


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