Kigelia Ruaha

Kigelia Ruaha



About the Property

Kigelia Ruaha, named after the iconic Kigelia Africana (sausage tree) that stands majestically above the camp, captures the essence of an authentic East African safari experience. Situated in the heart of the Mwagusi area of the Ruaha National Park, this unassuming yet charming camp offers guests a fusion of comfort and raw nature. Each of the six spacious tents boasts locally crafted furniture, al fresco hot bucket showers, and an ensuite setup. After a day of thrilling game drives or intimate walking safaris, travelers can indulge in mouth-watering delicacies under a starlit sky or share their adventures around a roaring campfire. Whether seeking the solace of giant baobabs, the thrill of sighting Africa's majestic big cats, or the simple pleasure of a breakfast amidst the African wilderness, Kigelia Ruaha promises an unparalleled journey into nature's grand theater.


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Food & Drink

At Kigelia Ruaha, dining transcends the ordinary to become a symphony of flavors under the vast African sky. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding wilderness, the intimate dining tent serves up delectable meals that satisfy both palate and soul. Whether you're savoring a breakfast amidst nature or indulging in dinner under a blanket of twinkling stars, every meal is an event to be cherished. The ambient campfire, roaring in the evening, provides the perfect backdrop for guests to retreat with their favorite beverage and share tales of the day's adventures. Embracing the very essence of safari romance, the culinary journey at Kigelia Ruaha is both a celebration of local produce and a testament to the art of wilderness dining.

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At Kigelia Ruaha, accommodation takes on a harmony with nature, immersing guests in the raw beauty of the African wilderness. Each of the camp's six tents, inspired by the towering Kigelia Africana or sausage trees, offers a serene escape, carefully appointed with locally crafted furniture that mirrors the rustic charm of the surroundings. Comfort isn't compromised; with en-suite bathrooms equipped with a flush toilet and the authentic touch of an al fresco hot bucket shower. From your private deck, you can soak in the tranquil vistas of Ruaha, letting the sounds of nature serenade you. Simplicity and elegance blend seamlessly, ensuring that every stay captures the spirit of an authentic East African safari while cocooning guests in unassuming luxury.


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