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Maji Moto Eco Camp

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The camp provides an exceptional opportunity to delve into the Maasai culture with activities like warrior training, homestay visits, and school tours, offering guests an authentic and meaningful cultural exchange.
The camp's construction is intentionally simple, natural, and eco-friendly, designed to harmoniously blend with the environment. This sustainable approach enhances the overall experience of staying in the midst of nature.
Perched atop a hill in the Loita Hills, near Maji Moto village, the camp overlooks vast savannah plains, offering breathtaking views and a sense of tranquility. This prime location is ideal for nature walks and appreciating the vastness of the African landscape.

About the Property

Escape to Maji Moto Eco Camp, perched atop a hill in the heart of Maasai territory, just a 3-hour drive from Nairobi and a stone's throw away from the iconic Masai Mara. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of African wilderness and culture. Our camp seamlessly blends into the natural landscape, providing eco-friendly, full-board accommodations. From invigorating nature walks and warrior training to authentic Maasai homestay visits and school experiences, our guided activities offer a deep dive into the Maasai way of life. With breathtaking vistas overlooking vast savannah plains and the option for thrilling game drives in Masai Mara, Maji Moto Eco Camp promises an unforgettable adventure in harmony with nature. For those seeking an even more immersive experience, embark on extended walking safaris and fly camping expeditions amidst the spectacular Loita hills.


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Food & Drink

Savor an exquisite dining experience at Maji Moto Eco Camp, where culinary delights meet the untamed African landscape. Our meals are a harmonious fusion of flavors, showcasing the vibrant essence of Maasai culture. Indulge in full-board accommodations, where every dish is a celebration of sustainability, prepared in a simple, natural, and eco-friendly manner. As you dine, soak in the awe-inspiring views of the Maasai lands and expansive savannah plains from our hilltop location. Whether you're relishing traditional Maasai cuisine, sipping sundowner cocktails under the African sky, or enjoying a sumptuous meal after an exhilarating game drive in Masai Mara, our dining experiences are a feast for the senses, a true celebration of the wild and the culinary arts.

Getting There



Discover unparalleled comfort and serenity in the accommodations at Maji Moto Eco Camp. Our thoughtfully designed rooms seamlessly blend into the natural environment, offering a rustic yet luxurious escape. Nestled on a hilltop deep within Maasai lands, each room overlooks the vast expanse of savannah plains, providing breathtaking views from your doorstep. Constructed in a simple, eco-friendly manner, our rooms offer a serene retreat that connects you with the beauty of nature. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Maasai culture while enjoying full-board amenities. Whether you're unwinding after a day of adventure or simply relishing the peaceful ambiance, our rooms provide a sanctuary where you can truly unwind and reconnect with the essence of the African wilderness.


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