Jafferji House

Jafferji House



Built in 1912, epitomizes luxury in Stone Town, blending colonial style with sophistication
With 10 uniquely designed suites, guests experience 5-star comfort immersed in Zanzibar's cultural tapestry
Rooftop Bohra cuisine and Swahili cooking classes immerse guests in Zanzibar's rich culinary heritage

About the Property

Jafferji House, originally constructed in 1912, is a pinnacle of luxury and sophistication, earning its reputation as the most opulent boutique hotel in Zanzibar's historic Stone Town. Meticulously restored by Javed Jafferji, a renowned photographer, and his wife Kulsum, the hotel seamlessly blends colonial style with elegance, offering a truly distinctive experience. The property features 10 meticulously designed suites, each uniquely named and adorned, providing guests with a 5-star experience that combines modern comfort with a celebration of Zanzibar's cultural heritage. The hotel's interior showcases carefully curated antiques and Javed's photography, immersing guests in the island's rich history. With a century-long legacy and a commitment to providing an unforgettable stay, Jafferji House stands as a testament to its founders' vision of offering a unique and luxurious boutique hotel experience in the heart of Stone Town.


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Food & Drink

At Jafferji House, the culinary experience is a captivating journey into the heart of Zanzibar's diverse and rich gastronomic heritage. The rooftop restaurant introduces guests to exclusive Bohra cuisine, a fusion of Arabic, Swahili, Middle Eastern, and Gujarati influences. Founded by Javed and Zarina Jafferji, the Bohra Kitchen offers carefully curated dishes served on traditional large steel plates called Thaal, emphasizing unity and sharing. The Bohra culinary traditions, originating from Yemen and thriving in Zanzibar for over 200 years, feature a unique dining ritual beginning with desserts and culminating in savory dishes like almond chicken and elaborate rice preparations. Guests can immerse themselves in this communal dining experience, enjoying panoramic views of Stone Town. Additionally, Jafferji House offers Swahili cooking classes, providing a hands-on opportunity to explore the flavors, ingredients, and techniques of the local cuisine, including dishes like green bananas, cassava, chapati, Zanzibar Pilau, and Chicken Curry. The culinary offerings at Jafferji House are a celebration of tradition, authenticity, and the vibrant culinary tapestry of Zanzibar.

Getting There



Jafferji House offers a collection of 10 meticulously designed suites, each exuding its own distinct charm and cultural inspiration. From the Maasai Signature Suite on the first floor capturing the vibrancy of East African culture to the Livingstone Signature Suite paying homage to the explorer's legacy, every room is a blend of luxury and thematic immersion. The African Queen Superior Suite celebrates the strength and beauty of African women, while the Mercury Superior Suite, named after Freddie Mercury, incorporates Zanzibari elements like an old baobab tree. The rooms on the second floor, such as the Princess Salme Superior Suite and the Kamasutra Superior Suite, showcase regal elegance and indulgent experiences. The Jafferji's Sultan Suite, dedicated to the Sultans of Zanzibar, offers grandeur with stunning views of historical Stone Town. Each suite boasts amenities like flat-screen TVs, Moroccan-styled baths, handcrafted wooden beds, and personalized comforts, providing guests with an unforgettable stay that seamlessly combines heritage and luxury.


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