Ndutu Safari Lodge
Ndutu Safari Lodge

Ndutu Safari Lodge



Premier predator wildlife viewing
Enchanting views of Lake Ndutu
50-year legacy of excellence

About the Property

For five decades, Ndutu Safari Lodge has stood as a renowned destination in the heart of the Serengeti ecosystem. Known and cherished by expert guides, wildlife photographers, filmmakers, and biologists, it is celebrated as the premier location to witness the captivating dance between predators and prey, herds and hunters, and the breathtaking speed of cheetahs in pursuit of their quarry. Situated on the fringes of the Southern Serengeti plains, amidst acacia trees, and offering panoramic views of Lake Ndutu, the lodge boasts 34 comfortable stone and thatch en-suite cottages. Overlooking the ever-changing vista of Lake Ndutu, the lodge also features a convivial dining area, a welcoming lounge, and a well-appointed bar, creating an ideal setting to relax and commune with nature.


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Food & Drink

At Ndutu Safari Lodge, guests are treated to a culinary journey that complements their safari experience. The lodge is dedicated to ensuring guests feel refreshed and nourished throughout their stay. Mornings begin with a wealth of freshly prepared breakfast options, and for those embarking on early game drives, tantalizing bush breakfasts can be arranged on the move. All dining activities take place in the lodge's central seating, dining, and bar area, which serves as the heart of the lodge. From this vantage point, guests can savor lunch and dinner served at their tables, featuring generous three-course and four-course menus, respectively. The central bar offers an array of cocktails, setting the stage for a delightful evening. The legendary evening campfire, a cherished tradition at Ndutu, provides a serene backdrop for wildlife photographers, trackers, safari guides, filmmakers, and natural history enthusiasts to gather, share stories, enjoy pre-dinner nibbles, and relish the silence as night descends. Guests are never far from the homemade cookie jar and complimentary hot drinks, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience.

Getting There



Ndutu Safari Lodge features 34 en-suite cottages crafted from local materials. These stone and thatch cottages are naturally cool due to their thick walls, offering simple and comfortable accommodations. Each room includes an en-suite bathroom with hot showers, sink, and flushing toilet. Guests can choose from double, twin, triple, or quad room configurations. The cottages feature private verandas that overlook the natural, unfenced landscape of indigenous trees and shrubs, allowing guests to connect with the local birdlife and mammals that call the Ndutu area home. The cottages extend from a central dining, seating, and bar area that has long served as a welcoming gathering spot for guests, both old and new.


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