Serval Wildlife Villas
Serval Wildlife

Serval Wildlife Villas



Exclusive wildlife encounters
Luxurious eco-friendly villas
Panoramic views of Kilimanjaro

About the Property

Serval Wildlife Park is a luxury ecotourism resort and wildlife sanctuary located in the Siha District of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. This resort offers a unique and exclusive experience, allowing guests to interact with rescued wildlife and immerse themselves in nature. It features 1100 sqft villas with panoramic views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, set in a carefully curated ecosystem thriving through direct revegetation and solar power.


Solar Power ElectricitySolar Power Electricity

Food & Drink

Guests at Serval Wildlife Park are treated to three daily meals included in their stay, featuring a mix of gourmet dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients and traditional African cuisine. The dining experience is designed to complement the natural surroundings, with options for elegant indoor settings or al fresco dining under the starlit African sky.

Getting There



Each villa at Serval Wildlife Park offers luxurious accommodations with spacious interiors, elegant furnishings, and modern amenities. Villas are designed to provide privacy and comfort, featuring king-sized beds, attached baths, and private porches with amazing views of the surrounding wildlife and landscapes.


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